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Outside business hours, please call our emergency number.

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pricing details:
0,09 € (incl. Gst.)/min. German landline; German mobile networks max: 0,42 € (incl. Gst.)/min.


Together with Berlin’s six urban housing associations, the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment and the Senate Department of Finance have established the Alliance for Social Housing Policy and Affordable Rent.

Click below to download the Rent Alliance flyer in the language of your choice.

Arbitration board:

Sabine Himburg
Phone: 030/24714903
E-Mail: sabine.himburg(at)wbm.de


For the press and all those interested: WBM GmbH has news & new media.

WBM GmbH knows YouTube: music videos from musicians and bands – that give concerts in Plattenbau flats – are shown here, along with original informational films on its city districts and valuable handyman tips from caretaker Rolf. There is also a trove of important event listings covering cultural and social themes. And last but not least: current press releases alongside the archive.

WBM GmbH on air.


Living in the true style of the Plattenbau.

The culture portal of WBM GmbH offers information for Plattenbau lovers and all those interested in the history of the Plattenbau, its architecture and the home decor of yesteryear. Concrete design possibilities and tips for living here and now in a Plattenbau, as well as an exciting collection of reports and interviews with protagonists and critics.

Plattenbau culture portal EVERY M² YOU: Tower Block High Life